Autumn/winter trends 2019

Coming autumn and winter are all about nature, peace and green. Every year we create three style trends based on the predictions of trend office EFSA. Our own trends for 2019 are Green Energy, Exotic Chic and Fresh Happiness. You already know these styles from our spring collection, and for the autumn we have given them an attractive warm update. For example, we have awarded them new colors that match the season, and we show you which materials and product series best suit the current living trends.

Green Energy

Nature, plants and fresh air make us happy, they bring positive energy. This winter we are bringing nature indoors. The Green Energy fan loves natural materials and craftsmanship. Hand-woven baskets, rope work, footstools made of sea grass, traditionally blown glass and hand-made ceramic pots with succulents, cacti and tropical plants. This interior design trend is fresh and fascinating, packed with green elements. Literally green featuring green plants and soft green elements. But also green as in sustainable and natural.
It’s going to be a sultry, cheerful winter with Green Energy.

Hand-woven wickerwork
Think of baskets and pots as well as footstools!

Crackle glaze
Glazed bottles and pots with a naturally wayward vintage effect. In graduated blue and green tints.

Traditionally blown glass
Glass bottles, vases and windlights with a matt powder coating.

Windlights decorated with rope and very flattering macramé.

Weathered ceramics
Flower pot series from artisan ceramics with weathered structures of coral reef. Retro and impressive.

Exotic Chic


Attractive colours, glazed pottery, luxuriant green in an exotic tint. The Exotic Chic interior design trend appeals to everyone who loves stylish, warm and colourful. Reveal your passion for green in a rich interior full of ochre yellow, chocolate brown and deep green. We see matt metals combined with glossy items. An interesting trend with exciting character-filled elements.

Metal home accessories
Metal bells and pots with gorgeous plant structures.

Vintage chic glaze
Glazed ceramic decoration. A whale, a peacock and elegant vases with retro chic finish.

Cresta ochre yellow
Our popular timeless Cresta series has been extended with an ochre yellow department which fits in perfectly with this exotic chic green trend.

Soft colours
The deep warm colours in this trend are complemented with the addition of hand-made bottles and pots in powder-soft colours.

The Toby flower pot series combines the best of two worlds with a matt pale exterior and a glazed ochre yellow interior. Chic and sober.

Fresh Happiness

The demand for calm, outdoor life and ambiance is growing. Fresh Happiness brings country life indoors with a romantic, well-organised base. We use subtle colours as the basis. This is a calm trend with fresh, cheerful colours. Fresh Happiness is a living dream, a pure palette of natural materials and the green of flora and fauna.

Partially glazed
Adora is a new pot and bottle series which has been partially given an interesting glaze. The rest of the item is matt and grainy, safeguarding its unique and elegant character.

Willow and banana leaf
Baskets, pots and dishes woven from willow and banana leaf have a soft brown basis compared with the sea grass which has a yellow basis.

Interesting bottles

Pots and bottles with an interesting design and accent colours combine the elements in this trend and bring a room to life.

Glass and rope
Alba and Bodi series consist of vases, windlights and hangers, all combinations of transparent glass and crocheted white rope. They give the room a feminine touch.

Baskets in colour
Pots and baskets woven from sea grass and hand machine-stitched in soft tints like grey and ice blue.