Florist’s Day March 2020

Last year, Ter Steege launched its first ‘Bloemistendag’ or ‘Florist’s Day’: the coziest green ambiance day in the Netherlands. A special day, specially created to serve florists and green specialty shops. The upcoming Florist Day is on Sunday 15 March. In this cheerful spring edition, the company presents new product groups.

What makes the Florist’s Day so special is that everything is geared towards relieving the florist and green specialty shops. They work with small order units and the products are directly available from stock in Rijssen. Ter Steege has put together a special collection in which green experiences play the main role. This range is characterized by handmade flower pots and manmade from natural materials, complemented by functional attractive home decoration. The collection is presented in three living trends. The florist can purchase a ready-made shop package for each style trend. In addition, no less than three new product groups have been added to the collection.

100% waterproof inlays

The new Lucas inlays of the brand TS Collection are already a big hit. These inlays make all pots, baskets and vases 100% waterproof. Made from sustainable recycled materials and even 100% recyclable. There are 15 different sizes available from 0.3 litre to 25 litre capacity, in vase and pot shape. Lucas is the sustainable solution for all your bouquets and plants. A Lucas fits in every pot!

Tableware by Sharon

Ter Steege launches the innovative Urban Nature Tableware, for which Sharon De Jager provides the illustrations. A conscious choice has been made for three completely different style sets, which can be combined with the six plain colour sets according to one’s own taste. The three styles blended together with Ter Steege’s living trends, so that the crockery fits perfectly between the flower pots and home decoration. Ter Steege also offers tailor-made shop packages for the tableware to relieve the florist.

Traditionally blown glass

Ter Steege presents TS Glass, a collection of high-quality decorative vases with striking colours and textures. All items are traditionally blown, purely handcrafted and each one unique. Often multiple colours of glass are used, creating fabulous patterns and layers. The most popular vase shapes have been chosen, complemented with surprising models that intrigue the consumer. A surprising collection of glassware, which provides a beautiful addition to the trendy and stylish floristry.

The next Florist’s Day is on Sunday 15 March from 10:00 to 16:00 in the House of Inspiration, Ter Steege’s showroom at Nijverheidsstraat 53 in Rijssen. Register via