New view on water fun!

A duly installed pond will fascinate all day long. When the haze is clearing away in the morning, the water world comes to life. In the last daylight the restful moments are a blessing to men. Enjoying will continue even after sunset, with lighting full of atmosphere, on or under the water surface. Velda wants to extend pond fun with light objects, which are eye-catchers during daytime and which provide a particular atmosphere at night round the water. Modern LED lights have a long useful life, they are easy to use and very low in energy. So that everyone can enjoy a beautifully lighted pond in their garden. In winter, when it is too cold outside to enjoy the garden, atmospheric lighting will provide a warm glow round the pond.

The atmospheric Floating Glass Lights, spheres made of clear glass, are a new feature. Three watertight spheres float on the pond and spread a sparkling light effect. Stylish design and high-quality materials give this lighting an exclusive look.

In the early morning, the pond surroundings are often covered in mist, as well as at the last light of day. With the mistmaker you can enjoy the special atmosphere at the waterside throughout the day. Specially for (mini) ponds, Velda is introducing the Floating Mistmaker for a mysterious atmosphere on the water.